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Happy Hawaïan Travelers in Gironde

| Marie HALLIER | News

This year I had the pleasure of welcoming a group of 12 people from Hawaii who wanted to discover the authentic side of our region. When they contacted me – they made it clear that they would prefer to eat in farms/inns and to stop on small family run estates. I designed them a tailor-made programme and hoped they would not be disappointed with it...

Harvesting in Cotes Bourg wine appellation

| Marie HALLIER | News

For the third consecutive year, I accompanied a group of tourists who had come from the four corners of the world to share an authentic moment of our culture – a day harvesting.

Celebrity Constellation liner docks in Le Verdon

| Marie HALLIER | News

On the 11th September 2012, for the first time in my career, I found myself in charge of a group of passengers from a giant of the seas – The Celebrity Constellation. It was docked in Le Verdon for a 2 days call.

Short diary on board : September 2011

| Marie HALLIER | News

I just love these days when my group comes from the four corners of the world. It always makes for a really fun time! This year, it’s harvesting on the slopes of Bayon on an organic vineyard in the Côtes de Bourg wine making area – the Château des Cots. In the group there were 6 Australians, 1 Japanese, 3 Quebecois, 7 British and 3 Bordelaises.

Short diary on board : June 2011

| Marie HALLIER | News

A little diary on board to share with you my experience as a professionnal guide in Bordeaux area - june 2011

Daytrip along the estuary and discovering the roman site called Le Fâ - welcoming a charming belgian group for learning about Bordeaux history through the different districts and major religious buildings

The Gironde estuary : listed as a world heritage?

| Marie HALLIER | News

This was the subject of the third debate co-organised by the association Gens d'estuaire (Locals from the estuary) and the regional newspaper – the Sud-Ouest. It is a huge question to which the organisers of the evening did not expect a definitive answer at the end of the debate.