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5 good reasons to prefer a real licensed tour guide to a free tour to discover Bordeaux

| Marie HALLIER | News

Maybe I am lobbying for myself , will you tell me?  Maybe...

But in the right now, I would like to give you here 5 good reasons to prefer a real professional and licensed guide to a free tour to discover the beautiful city of Bordeaux.

I don't fight against the modernity era , I fight against undeclared and illegal work! 

What you've missed on Parliament square of Bordeaux on February 21st!

| Marie HALLIER | News

hahahaha... Few people know it, but on February 21 every year, we celebrate International Tour Guides Day! Yes, this day would have been created in Great Britain in 2002... but apologise, few investigations from me on that side...

As an active member of the professional association AGICA, I was one of the volunteers despite quasi-polar freezing temperatures to promote our profession to the public through free "speed-guiding" sessions in emblematic places in Bordeaux!

Why is the Garonne river so "Dirty"?

| Marie HALLIER | News

Because I hear it too often, I try to answer to one of the recurring questions from my dear guests here in Bordeaux... Why does the Garonne look so "dirty"?

So, first of all,  we don't say "dirty"! It might offend us! The exact word is "TURBID". I relay here an article published on Facebook on December 14,2017... It captured one of my favorite bloggers attention : "the English man in Bordeaux"  behind the great blog :  Invisible Bordeaux.

Meeting the Naked men of Bordeaux - By Anthony Gormley

| Marie HALLIER | News

As part of the Bordeaux Métropole Cultural Season 2017named "Paysages" (=Landscapes), the British sculptor Antony Gormley exhibited 16 identical statues in the city. The goal of the game is to find them all! I entered into the game and I started my collection of photos! What about you, will you find them all scattered in the city by the British sculptor ?

Custom combined Bordeaux and Cognac trip with 4 Norvegian

| Marie HALLIER | News

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, I had the pleasure to welcome once again Ingolf and his friends from Bergen in Norway to discover the secrets of Bordeaux wines and new familial distilleries in the heart of Cognac. 4 beautiful days under the sign of discovery and conviviality!  

4 australian couples from Adelaide touring Bordeaux wineries

| Marie HALLIER | News

Wednesday April 25, 2017 :  we had a meeting point in Blaye to take advantage of the farmer’s market. This group of 4 Australian couples from Adelaide was staying at Château Couffins on the banks of the Dordogne river.