Immersion in the Cognac "Bonnes Chauffes" - 2nd distillation

Following the advice of my twitter friend Agathe from Charentes at the beginning of January, I found myself off to discover the secrets of the distillation of Cognac and the famous charente copper pot still with its “bonnes chauffes“.. Did you know that the proper thing in Cognac making process is the double distillation? The second heating is commonly called "Bonne Chauffe" (good heating); it will result the "heart", which once aged under oak wood will be sold under the name of Cognac.


I set off to visit a property at Orignolles, very close to where I live – Les Barbins. The very kind owner was not put off by the numerous questions from someone eager to discover all – me !

I was over the moon to witness on this property an element which is so rare today – an alambic heated by woodfires and not by gas!

If you want to find out all about the double distillation of the charentais alambic/pot still – log on to the site of the inter-professional office of Cognac which has a very good animation of the distillation.

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