Harvesting in Cotes Bourg wine appellation

For the third consecutive year, I accompanied a group of tourists who had come from the four corners of the world to share an authentic moment of our culture – a day harvesting.

These grape picking and wine discovery days are organised by the wine syndicates – this one by the wine syndicate of Côtes de Bourg. This year, 18 people left the Tourist Office in Bordeaux composing 3 Japanese, 2 people from Hong Kong, 1 New Zealander, 1 American, 2 people from Martinique, 1 from Trinidad and Tobago, 6 Parisians and 2 from Bordeaux.

After about an hour on the road, our brave team of tourists arrived at Château Mercier on the slopes of Côtes de Bourg. After being kitted out with buckets and secateurs they were off to work among the rows of vines to harvest the precious merlot grapes. But their work didn’t stop there because this year they also had to take the stems off the grapes they had picked by hand – so I think maybe they regretted having been so efficient in the quantities they picked !

So to finish, they crushed the grapes by foot before sharing a well-earned meal around a laden table. After the meal, the keenest of the group learned about what happens after that – the vinification and the ageing of the juice – and then it was time to get back to Bordeaux.

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