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Commented cruising on the Gironde estuary

Duration: 4 Hours
From: Blaye / Pauillac / Cussac / Bourg
To: Blaye / Pauillac / Cussac / Bourg
Languages: French, English
Group size 1 - 50 people
Max group size: 1
Categories: Gironde Estuary
Transportation: Walking Tours
Come and discover the mysteries of Europe's largest estuary: the Gironde estuary! Choose a guide to discover the estuary with commented cruising!

Start of the guiding service on board a boat that you have previously booked 

I can offer starting my guiding service from the following river ports : 

  • Blaye (Right bank of the estuary)
  • Bourg sur Gironde (Right bank of the estuary)
  • Cussac Fort Médoc (Left bank of the estuary)
  • Lamarque (Left bank of the estuary)
  • Pauillac (Left bank of the estuary)
  • Vitrezay (Right bank of the estuary)
  • Port des Callonges (Right bank of the estuary)

An amazing and unusual natural environment

Come and discover the Gironde estuary! It is a very unusual natural environment where saltwater from the ocean meets the fresh water from the two rivers Dordogne and Garonne. This ecosystem is "turbid", as sediments are constantly brought to the surface by the currents... We meet a fauna and flora that have adapted to this natural environment and this particular ecosystem.

Come with me to meet the Gironde estuary! We will also discover the small villages dotted along the banks, the hamlets, the architectural curiosities but also the little-known archipelago of the Gironde estuary.

A rich history

Let's meet pirates, privateers, gabariers or pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela... All these characters who have contributed to the history of the Gironde estuary. Depending on your interests, we can program a navigation from the ports of Blaye, Pauillac, Vitrezay, Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde or even Bourg-sur-Gironde: do not hesitate to contact me so that we can prepare together the navigation program comment which will match perfectly your expectations.

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Important information
  • LThe services of a licensed tour guide for commneting your cruise on the Gironde estuary : fauna, flora and local economy
  • Guiding service up to 2h30 duration
  • Lunch
  • The guide's lunch
  • Transportation
  • Cruise boat rental for arranging a private cruise on the Gironde estuary