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If you arrived here...

It's probably because you want to know more about what I offer, for what and for whom I do it. So, welcome! 

Guided tours for whom?

Tours for curious and expecting travelers to Bordeaux and Cognac

My guided tours are designed for the curious tourists, for those who want to understand... For those who prefer the authentic to the overrated gold-plated tourist traps...

For those who want to be the actors of their trip and not passive tourists stuffed with pre-recorded speeches on a scratched CD

Unique experiences

True authentic experiences

I created TéléProTour in 2009. I offer guided tours of Bordeaux and its region, the vineyards of Bordeaux or Cognac and the Gironde estuary, the largest estuary in Europe...

Formulas where the tourists become actors of their trip:

YOU tell me what YOU want to see and give me YOUR points of interest and YOUR BUDGET... I set up our tour with your criteria.

Authentic tourism and real experiences for real memories... Not always the places that are at rated at the top of the recommendations of the paper guides or the Instagram accounts of the trendy influencers.

WARNING :  you may get a little mud on your shoes!

Your Bordeaux Cognac tour guide

A passionate & bubbly tour guide

My name is Marie, member of the clubs for forty-somethings and happy moms. I spent my childhood between Bordeaux and the Arcachon basin. Then I traveled a lot in Europe as a guide for French groups (because travel  broadens your mind doesn't it?) for a few years before moving back home. Today, I live halfway between Bordeaux and Cognac in the middle of the vineyards.

I am a TOUR GUIDE... a "lecturer-guide" or a "tourist-guide", whatever you like to say.

I was given the revelation while on a guided tour in the medieval castle of Bonaguil when I was 15. I remember I told to my mum. I remember saying to my mother:

"That's it, I know what I want to do later! I want to be a guide!"

I am often asked, "Marie but what do you do for a living? You are a teacher, aren't you?"

"No sir, no madam, I am a GUIDE! It's a real job you know!"

An experienced & committed tour guide

To guide you during your stay and explain what you see and why and how you see it, requires that I need to do some research, to attend conferences but also to talk with people ... Those who cultivate the vines, those who make the wine or those who fish in the Gironde estuary, those piloting boats, those protecting migratory birds or those trapping nutrias ... I have to scout around for days and days to find out the best addresses that will suit you, to allow you to have exciting meetings, with real personalities that will leave you with lasting memories ! 

This is my job and I would by no means change it! 

Exclusive Experiences

Bordeaux wines and Cognac experience creator

Searching a pampering experience for your commercial partners or clients? A family reunion with the extended family arriving? Parents' friends or aunties arriving several days before the wedding? A company seminar? A getaway with your college alumni?

Feel free to contact me and we will find the perfect program for the memorable experience you wish to live or offer

Some activities for all

Take your kids on family friendly wine tours

This is one of my priorities ! Why not take a wine tour because you have children? Here, the younger ones are welcome and everything is provided: car seats, coloring sets, outdoor games, ice cream breaks...

So, why don't you plan a family friendly getaway in the Bordeaux wineries?

Press & web

They've spoken about me

Microphone in hand, Marie presents us the river confluence. "Here we are not yet on the Dordogne. We are on the Isle". And before the first comments are made by the visitors, our guide warns: "No, the water is not dirty. Mud is regularly poured into the water to prevent too many people from settling in our beautiful region" she jokes.

Extract -Article from the local newspaper Le Résistant - 2021 - by Alexandre PENARD

On the occasion of the 30th international day of tourist guides scheduled on February 21, two licensed guides, Christophe Métreau and Marie Hallier, animated the next day at the library of Montguyon a workshop about the coats of arms [...]. 

Extract -Article from the local newspaper Sud-Ouest - 2020 - by Alain Sauzeau

Most frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about my Bordeaux guided tours

How long does it take to visit Bordeaux?

Of course, it depends on the time available and if you come with your family or in a group of 30 people, but usually, I don't offer guided tours less than 3 hours (except for some thematic tours for locals).

Let me explain you why : if you have arrived on this website, it means that you are preparing carefully your visit to Bordeaux instead of buying a ready-made product to appeal the largest audience... And therefore, I guess you might be as curious and talkative as I am.

Hopefully, you'll also be a gourmet traveler, so we'll make a stop for cannelés or chocolate or enjoy a cheese platter with some amazing Bordeaux wines.

From my experience, I would say that you should allow 3 hours to capture the soul of Bordeaux while strolling through the old town and still have time to taste some local specialties.

Do you offer per-person rates?

Not yet; it may come, but today I prefer to offer flat rates for private tours.

In a public tour with individual rates, the guided tour starts from a meeting point fixed by the organizer in advance and the participants join the guide and the other visitors. In this kinf of tours, you do not know the other participants.

In a private tour (for a group/association, couple, friends or family), the guide is booked only for you. You define the group and your schedule. So if you want to have a tour at the end of the day coupled with a gourmet apetizer formula, it is possible!

For my part, I only offer private visits.

This means that the price of the visit will be the same whether you are 3 or 28 people.

Therefore, if you are a small group of 15 people gathered for a family reunion or a tage/bachelorette party for example, it will not cost you more than a visit of Bordeaux bought as individual tickets.

Similarly, the price for a van tour in the vineyard or along the estuary is flat. Whether you are 3 or 7 participants, the price for guiding and transportation will be the same, knowing that I will pick you up at the door. Practical to taste the wines of Saint-Emilion serenely, isn't it!

How far in advance should I book my tour?

As early as possible: it is always easier to book your guided tour as soon as you can, because the longer you wait, the less availability I will have to offer you.

The higher tourist season in Bordeaux is generally from April to October with big peaks in June and September.

I advise you to book in advance and if I may reveal a secret to book a guide with peace of mind, there are 10 other months in the year!

What is included in a guided tour?

In fact, many things!

If it is always pleasant to discover a city at random and to stroll according to the mood of the moment, in order to be sure not to miss anything of Bordeaux and its treasures, nothing beats a guided tour.

Participants can sometimes forget it, but the rates include commentaries, a time of research and regular updating of information and a whole host of anecdotes compiled over the years, from my readings and my wanderings.

How can we pay to reserve our tour to Bordeaux wineries?

In general, we build your program together according to your expectations and your profile.

Then you will receive a secure payment link to make a deposit to validate the reservation. Finally, on the day of the tour, you can pay the balance by credit card or cash.