To curious tourists, to those who want to understand,

To those who prefer the authentic to the overrated gold-plated tourist traps,

To those who want to be actors of their travels and not passive tourists stuffed with pre-recorded speech on a scratched CD



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TéléProTour : what's that?

I have created my business in 2009. I offer guided tours in and around Bordeaux : Bordeaux vineyards, Cognac distilleries and the Gironde estuary which is just by the way said-to-be the largest estuary in Western Europe.


TéléProTour, this is : 

  • For tourists who are actors of their travels : YOU tell me what YOU want to see and YOU give me YOUR interests and YOUR BUDGET ... and then I set up a program depending on YOUR criterias
  • Authentic tourism  for unforgettable and meaningful experiences ... Not always to the places that will be recommended in the travel guides ... Warning : you may get some mud on your shoes!
  • The possibility to travel in the intimate setting of an 8 passenger minivan 









TéléProTour : who's that?

My name is Marie. I am 39 and I mother of 2 young kids. I spent my childhood between Bordeaux and Arcachon Bay. I then travelled in Western Europe (because Travel broadens your  mind doesn't it?) as a tour leader for a few years before moving back home. Today, I live halfway between Bordeaux and Cognac in the middle of the vineyards.

Last years, I trained hard to become one of the most multi-skilled guides you can find, able to guide you through major monuments relevant to understand our rich local history but also about Bordeaux wines or Cognac distillation secrets.

I am a GUIDE... call it as you want "Tourist guide" or "lecturer-guide"... I was given the revelation while on a guided tour in the medieval castle of Bonaguil when I was 15. I remember I told to my mum :


"Well, I know exactly what I wanna do! I want to be a guide ! "

I am very often asked : "Marie, what is your real job? Are you a teacher? "

"No Sir, No Madam, I am not. I am a TOURIST GUIDE! It is a real job, you know ! "


To guide you during your stay and explain what you see and why and how you see it, requires that I need to do some research, to attend conferences but also to talk with people ... Those who cultivate the vines, those who make the wine or those who fish in the Gironde estuary, those piloting boats, those protecting migratory birds or those trapping nutrias ... I have to scout around for days and days to find out the best addresses that will suit you, to allow you to have exciting meetings, with real personalities that will leave you with lasting memories ! 


This is my job and I would by no means change it! 

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